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Heart Hospital in Kochi

Institute of
Department of Medical Oncology

The department of Medical Oncology provides comprehensive care for adult and pediatric patients with solid tumors and haematological malignancies. Chemotherapy regimen recommended for the specific malignancy is selected, taking into consideration various factors like histology, stage and patient performance status. Clinical practice guidelines set forward by international alliances including NCCN and ESMO are followed. Latest cancer targeted therapies including immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, signal transduction inhibitors, hormonal therapies etc. are being offered in the department. The department is equipped with well trained and experienced staff in chemotherapy administration. Both inpatient and “Day care” facilities are available for chemotherapy administration which adds to the patients’ convenience. Palliative care services are available.

The oncology team at Apollo Adlux, apart from medical oncology, consist of oncosurgeons conducting cancer surgeries, radio-diagnosis and pathology facilities for prompt diagnosis, labs for patient monitoring, pharmacy providing essential drugs and critical care physicians providing ICU support. Multi-disciplinary tumor board further enhances the patient tailored oncology care.

Scope of Services

  • Comprehensive management of cancer patients.
  • Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy - including regimen selection, dose calculation, administration, toxicity monitoring and response assessment.
  • Treatment of all solid tumors.
  • Treatment of haematological malignancies.
  • In patient and day care chemotherapy.
  • Palliative care of terminally ill cancer patients.

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