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Apollo Adlux Hospitals Kochi
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Heart Hospital in Kochi

Institute of
Critical Care

Critical Care

The department of critical care medicine at Apollo Adlux provides, state of the art ,multi disciplinary care to sickest of patients.
We provide round the clock expert care to critically ill or injured persons.
We strive to bring cutting-edge global technology and knowledge to our bedsides so that our patients are maximally benefited with best possible outcomes.
The department of critical care collaborates with various departments including medical departments like Cardiology ,Neurology ,Pulmonology, Nephrology and also various Surgical departments like Cardio vascular surgery,Neurosurgery Etc .This help in providing the best of integrated care to our patients.

Broadly We provide:

  • Support in heart ,lung and other organ failures including multi organ failure as seen in severe sepsis.
  • Critical care services in severe poly trauma cases and other surgical emergencies.
  • Comprehensive care in toxicology and envenomation cases.
  • Supportive care in obstetric emergencies.

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