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Institute of
Urology and Andrology

Apollo Adlux Urology Services

Urology is one of the earliest clinical speciality to diversify from the general practice as evidenced by the writings of the early Greeks. Long has gone the times when Urologists used crude methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our Urology department equipped with the state-of-art equipment is one of the advanced centres of Urology in the state. But what make us unique is not the machines. It is the concept of care that we are about to introduce with a human touch. How many of us know that Urology is subspecialising into various domains like Uro-oncology for Cancer in the Urinary tract, Men’s Health Services (consisting to men’s sexual problems, urinary obstruction and bladder related diseases, infertility treatment), Stone Clinics, Female Urology for women with incontinence and urinary infections and Neurourology for the treatment and rehabilitation of Nerve related urinary symptoms.
We at Apollo AdluxUrology  Services understand that cancer is not the only illness that leads to human suffering. We pledge to introduce the concept of comprehensive individualised care for patients suffering from
1.Recurrent UTI.
2.Severe Lower Urinary Tract (related to bladder, prostate and other glands) sympotms.
3.Prostate diseases and urinary obstruction due to any cause.
4.Neurology related urological diseases.
5.Erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems
6.Stone disease (treatment and prevention including dietary interventions)

Out motto is not quantity but quality. We impart our time and words of clinical wisdom to alleviate any form of human suffering.
Our services include:
Urology  out-patient clinic:  We provide outpatient services to patients with stone diseases, obstruction to urine flow, blood in urine, tumours (of kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, prostate and testis), abnormal testis, male sexual dysfunction, infertility, penile curvature, abnormalities in penis, urethra and meatus, urinary and genital infections etc.
The outpatient consultation would be   from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Other outpatient and day care services:
1.Urodynamic study
3.Transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy
4.Minor procedures like urethral dilatation, suture removal, BCG instillation also are performed

Inpatient services and surgeries: Patients with all genito-urinary ailments which need a continuous observation for management, or need hospitalization for a procedure or treatment would be admitted in the hospital and provided inpatient care. Urologists would attend to referrals from other specialties and support in evaluation and management of patients admitted under them. The various inpatient services are:

Laparoscopy: Our operation theater and laparoscopy unit is equipped with advanced instruments to maximize the variety of key-hole surgeries in Urology. We do all thekey hole surgery for Urological diseases including:
1.Donor nephrectomy for kidney retrieval from the donor in renal transplantation
2.Pyeloplasty for blocks in the kidney
3.Surgery for stone in kidney or ureter
4.Radical nephrectomy for cancer in the kidney
5.Radical prostatectomy for cancer in the prostate gland
6.Varicocele surgery for enlarges veins in the scrotum
7.All surgeries for urinary obstruction in men

Open surgery
1.For  block in urethra
2.All the urological surgeries.

Stone management: Apollo Adlux Stone Management Clinic:
1.No wound day care surgery for stones.
2.Protocol based tests, medical management and dietary recommendations for patients with recurrent stones.
3.Dedicated time, space and team for treatment of stone patients.

Apollo AdluxMen’s health services:
Our Men’s Health Programme is well advanced for the time. It is based on the following services and concepts:
Concepts of care:
Urinary obstruction in Elderly Men:
1.Protocolized and patient centric management of urinary obstruction in men including medical,non surgical or minimally invasive day care treatment options for patients with urinary obstruction. Take time to know the patient is the central concept of our care.
2.Advanced laboratory facility and  urodynamic study facility. Use of adequate tests to carefully diagnose a cause and predict the most effective treatment.

Infertility and erectile dysfunction:
1.Modern and state of art facilities for patient comfort for sperm collection.
2.Advanced protocol based patient flow process with expert psycologist, andrologist and patient care assistants for erectile problems and infertility. The concept is that of team based care for sub-fertile couple. We understand your apprehensions and doubts.
3.High priority for privacy.
4.Availability of all the medical and surgical options for patients with erectile dysfunction and infertility with emphasis on protocols, non-surgical options and individualized patient centric approach.
5.Counselling for erectile dysfunction and infertility with emphasis on non-medical non-surgical options. This is central for any advanced care protocol.
6.Dedicated team for surgical management of erectile dysfunction to deliver most effective care.

Services available:
1.Urinary obstruction treatment:
    Non surgical treatments
    Bipolar TURP
    Conventional TURP
2.Non surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction
    Vacuum therapy
    Injection therapy
3.Prosthesis surgery for erectile dysfunction including:
    Indian Prosthesis
    AMS 700 prosthesis
4.Procedures for collecting sperms in patients with infertility:
    Percutaneous sperm aspiraton,
    Microdissection testicular sperm extraction.
    Microscopic surgery for block in the tubes carrying sperms.
    Microscopic varicocele surgery

    Emergency Urology: We offer 24x7 emergency care for any urological emergency including trauma and renal colic.

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