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Heart Hospital in Kochi

Institute of
Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine

The Department of Transfusion medicine in Apollo Adlux Hospital  is going to take its place in the community as a centre, where an experience of excellent care will be provided to both the donors and the patients. As donors are the backbone of any blood bank we take extra effort to make the donors feel comfortable while donating blood and make sure that they are alright in the post donation period.

We are providing Blood Components like PRBC, FFP, PLATELET CONCENTRATE, CRYOPRECIPITATE routinely as we are functioning as a blood bank with Component facility. Additional patient specific blood component requirement will also be met as and when the need arises, for products like Leucoreduced blood components, irradiated blood components, washed PRBC, pooled platelet concentrate and aliquoted components for paediatric patients.

We are very stringent when it comes to maintaining the quality of the blood components that we provide as it is directly linked to patient safety. To achieve this we start with our donors, conducting a strict donor screening to assure that only donors who meet the criteria for blood donation are eligible for donating blood. The donated blood is screened for infections transmissible by transfusion using Chemiluminscence assay. The blood grouping and compatibility testing are done using Column Agglutination Technology. And the standard operating procedure is followed uncompromisingly in performing all the procedures. We also perform advanced basic and advanced immunohematology work up.

We will be conducting Voluntary blood donation camps,  so that the flow of the blood is maintained even during emergencies. Our plan is to start an apheresis lab as soon the Transplant unit in our hospital takes off, so that we can provide them with the much needed support.



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