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Apollo Adlux Hospitals Kochi
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Heart Hospital in Kochi

Institute of
Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology

Respiratory Medicine And Pulmonology

The Department of Pulmonology at Apollo Adlux hospital Kochi offers to provide to all patients with respiratory problems, comprehensive and compassionatecare with world class excellencealong with pioneering attitude, trustworthy spirit and proactive involvement.The department envisages  to build a consumer focused integrated tertiary health care system for a multitude of diseases involving the lungs, airways , pulmonary interstitium, pulmonary vasculature,pleura and mediastinum , focusing  on the Apollo Principle of 'tender loving care'. The department of Pulmonology works in close association with allied specialities like Radiodiagnosis, Critical Care, Thoracic surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabiitation, to provide early and accurate diagnosis using the latest cutting edge diagnostic modalities along with comprehensive and evidence based treatment striving for the best of outcomes. Incorporating innovative technologies for best patient care- both for diagnosis and treatment; westrive to ensure minimal hospital stay and to maximize patient compliance and patient satisfaction.

We ensure minimal hospital stay and ensure patient compliance and patient satisfaction.

Quality and safety initiatives

  • Better Understanding of Diseases
  • Better Diagnostics
  • Newer Therapeutics

Interventional Pulmonology

  • Management of common diseases
  • The department have expertise to handle Allergy/ Asthma
  • COPD/Bronchiectasis
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Pleural diseases
  • OSA
  • Infections- Pneumonia/ PTB
  • Malignancies


  • Spirometry: Pre and post
  • DLCO
  • Diffusion Capacity
  • 6MWD
  • Mpulse Oscillometry
  • FeNO
  • Body Plethysmography
  • CPET
  • Allergy Skin Prick testing
  • Specific IgE
  • Immunotherapy
  • Biologicals- Omalizumab/ Mepolizumab

Facilities and Services

  • Outpatient management of common diseases like allergy, asthma, COPD and ILD
  • Pulmonary Function Testing- Spiro metry, DLCO, 6MWD
  • Allergy and Asthma Clinic; Skin Prick Test
  • Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy, TBNA, TBLB, BAL
  • Pleural procedures: Tube Thoarcostomy, Pigtail Catheter Drainage , Pleurodesis
  • Thoracoscopy and pleural biopsy
  • Respiratory Critical Care
  • Polysomnography and CPAP Titration for OSA
  • Lung Cancer Screening and Low Dose CT
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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